Staff Directory

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Brenda Kritzer, Registrar and CEO
Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 100
(Contact Brenda for stakeholder relations, regulatory matters and media enquiries)

Colleen Foster, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 109
(Contact Colleen for general registration questions and questions about the Self-Assessment)

Rebecca Nevins, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 108
(Contact for Rebecca for general questions)

Nancy Leris, Director, Operations and Financial Services
Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 102
(Contact Nancy for financial information)

Ugie Ifesi, Manager, Registration Services  
Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 105
(Contact Ugie for information about the registration process)

Magdalena Reder, Registration and Examinations Coordinator
Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 106
(Contact Magda for information about the exam and Jurisprudence)

Vacant, Director, Professional Conduct
Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 104
(Contact the director to file a complaint or mandatory report, and for questions about the Standards and Guidelines. During this vacancy, please contact Brenda Kritzer.)

Lara Thacker, Director, Quality Assurance
Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 103
(Contact Lara for information on the Peer and Practice Assessment, continuing education and mentorship)

Ryan Pestana, Communications Officer 
Phone: (416) 961-7000 ext. 107
(Contact Ryan for matters related to the website, College publications and Council elections)

Last Updated: 01-22-2018