Annual Renewal

All kinesiologists, whether registered in the General or Inactive class, must renew their registration every year. The renewal form becomes available in July, and you must renew by September 1 of each year. 

Here are three ways to make renewal easier:

  • Review all sections on the renewal form and ensure that your information is correct and that all sections are complete before proceeding.
  • Have a copy of your professional liability insurance on hand before you begin completing the renewal form. If you are registered in the General Class, you must provide information about your insurance policy and upload a copy of your insurance certificate. If you do not provide a copy, you will not be able to complete the renewal form. If you are registered in the Inactive Class, you do not need to provide proof of insurance.
  • Please ensure that you are using the latest version of your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Members have experienced issues when using Internet Explorer.

Before renewing:

Review your member profile

To update your profile, visit the My Account page. Review your information and make sure it is updated.

Has your name changed?

If the name you use in practice (i.e first or last name) has changed, please provide a copy of a document that shows the change (e.g. copy of marriage certificate). This can be provided by mail, fax or email.

Make sure your professional liability insurance hasn't expired

You will be asked to provide a copy of your insurance certificate. All kinesiologists registered in the General Class must have professional liability insurance coverage. To review the College’s requirements for professional liability insurance, click here.

Last Updated: 02-07-2017