Inactive Registration


The College‚Äôs Registration Regulation allows for two classes of registration- the General Class and the Inactive Class. You cannot apply to the Inactive Class directly. If you wish to apply to the Inactive Class, you must first become registered in the General Class. 

The Inactive Class is designed for members who wish to take a parental, sick or educational leave, or practise outside of Ontario, but still maintain their membership with the College. The Inactive Class was not designed for members who become unemployed, and such requests to go Inactive are not granted.

Some members wish to go Inactive after changing jobs (e.g. from direct patient/client care to management) because they feel they are no longer practising kinesiology. The College defines "practising kinesiology" as:

The provision of direct patient care within the scope of practice of the profession; acting as an administrator, supervisor or educator in the field of healthcare; professionally recommending products or providing services related to the profession; providing consultation and conducting research related to the profession.

For more help determining if you are practising kinesiology, click here.


There are conditions imposed on members registered in the Inactive Class. If Inactive in Ontario, you cannot:

  • Provide direct patient/client care, even if it is just one patient/client;
  • Use any title or designation other than what is specified for an Inactive certificate of registration (i.e., R. Kin (Inactive));
  • Supervise the practise of the profession; or
  • Make any claim or representation to having any competence in the profession.


If you are applying from the Inactive Class back to the General Class, you must wait for confirmation of your reinstatement before you resume practising. 

If you've been inactive for less than two years:

Applications for reinstatement are considered on a case-by-case basis, but if you have been registered in the Inactive Class for less than two years, you will generally be deemed to still possess the knowledge, skill and judgement required to practise. 

If you've been inactive for more than two years:

If you have been registered in the Inactive Class for more than two years, you are required to complete a self-assessment, and you must satisfy a panel of the Registration Committee that you possess current knowledge, skill and judgment. 

If the panel is satisfied, it will re-issue you a certificate of registration in the General Class. If the panel is not satisfied, it may direct you to complete a retraining or refresher program, or it may impose terms, conditions and/or limitations on your certificate of registration. You may also be required to undergo a peer and practice assessment once you are reinstated. 

If you have been registered in the Inactive Class for more than two years, you should submit your reinstatement application well in advance of the (intended) employment start date. 

For more information, view the Inactive Certificate of Registration and Reinstatement to the General Class Policy.

Applying to the Inactive Class

You cannot apply to the Inactive Class directly. If you wish to apply to the Inactive Class, you must first become registered in the General Class. 

There is a one-time application fee of $50 to apply for Inactive status. The annual fee is $200. When you choose to re-enter the General Class, you pay the annual pro-rated registration fee, as described here.

To apply, download and complete a copy of the fillable Application for an Inactive Certificate of Registration, print and email it, with the subject line "Change of Status". You can also mail it to:

Registration Department
College of Kinesiologists of Ontario
160 Bloor Street East, Suite 1402
Toronto, ON M4W 1B9

Last Updated: 01-05-2018