Become a peer assessor!

The College is looking for kinesiologists interested in becoming assessors for the peer and practice assessment (PPA) program. PPA is a supportive and educational process in which kinesiologists are paired up with a fellow kinesiologist (assessor) to help them objectively evaluate their knowledge, skill and judgement, and identify areas of strength and improvement within their practice. The assessor gathers information through an interview and a patient/client record review for those in clinical practice. The assessor then prepares a report for the Quality Assurance Committee.

Selection criteria

To be considered for the role, you must:

• Be registered in the General Class;
• Have a minimum 5 years’ experience in kinesiology;
• Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and experience in supervision and providing feedback;
• Demonstrate ethical and professional practice;
• Demonstrate a commitment to your own professional development and enjoy assisting others in their learning;
• Be able to commit to a minimum two-year appointment as an assessor;
• Not be affiliated with or involved in the College on a committee and/or staff position;
• Not be an employee, officer or director of any professional kinesiology association;
• Have never had a Discipline Committee finding; and
• Have a degree of flexibility with your work schedule.

How to apply

Please complete the application form and email it with a copy of your résumé or CV to Lara Thacker. Selected candidates will be contacted to participate in a telephone interview.