Do you know what you need to report? 

By now you are probably aware that you have a duty to report some information to the College. This is known as mandatory reporting. By receiving mandatory reports from kinesiologists, the College is able to take action and help protect the public.

In 2017, much of the focus was about reporting sexual abuse. This is one of the most serious matters to report. However, there are other matters that must be reported. For example:

  • If you know someone is not registered with the College and is using the title “kinesiologist”, you must report this to the College.
  • If you changed jobs or changed your contact information (e.g. email address, home address), you must inform the College within 30 days of the change.
  • If you are registered with another body and they have found you guilty of professional misconduct, you must inform the College within 30 days.

We developed a useful checklist that shows what needs to be reported and that defines common terms about matters to report. The Mandatory Reporting Guideline was updated to include recent changes made by the Ontario government. View the mandatory reporting resources

Become familiar with your reporting obligations and help us protect the public. If you have any questions, contact the College