Where your fees go

We are now providing a breakdown of how the College spends the fees collected from R.Kins and applicants. Fees are the College’s only source of revenue. The graph shows how the College spends the fees it collects. Below you will find explanations for each category.


Costs such as salaries, rent, IT and office supplies are allocated to each category based on their percentage of the overall budget.

Council administration:
Money spent on Council, Executive Committee, Finance and Planning Committee, and the elections process.

Public awareness and communications:

Money spent to increase public awareness, communication to R.Kins and students, translation, communications materials, and the website.  

Registration and exams:
Money spent on exam administration, technology for the application and renewal forms, maintenance of the Jurisprudence e-Learning Module, and functioning of the Registration Committee.

Quality Assurance and practice support:
Money spent on peer and practice assessments, maintaining the self-assessment, development and administration of e-learning modules, and work of the Quality Assurance Committee.

Complaints, investigations and discipline:
Money spent on investigating and reviewing complaints and on discipline hearings.